Nurse Manager Primary Care Lancaster CBOC

The Nurse Manager is a member of the Primary and Preventive Care Line whose is the primary supervisor for the nursing and administrative staff.
This position is located at the Lancaster CBOC and travel to Chillicothe or other CBOC locations may be required.
Duties include:
o Provides clinical guidance and interpretation in all aspects of health administration including eligibility, beneficiary travel, release of information, and scheduling o Provides administrative authority, guidance, and advice to all staff concerning administrative matters o Supervises the scheduling of outpatient appointments o Ensures registration is accurate and complete o Acts as a liaison between the CBOC and other departments o Manages release of information and MY Healthy Vet Service o Communicates with staff through daily huddlesThe position will mainly be in Lancaster but has the potential to float to any of the other CBOC locations and Chillicothe.
Work Schedule:
Monday through Friday 7:
30am to 4:
00 pm.
May include nights, weekends or holidays Position Description Title/PD#:
Nurse Manager (Lancaster CBOC), PD# 000000 Relocation Expenses:
Relocation expenses are not authorized for this position.

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